upcoming dates/events

Abdou Ezzari (DJ Taxi Kabir) OFFROAD TRANCE Upcoming events and shows for 2019:


-Taxi Kabir@BUKA, Milano, Italy, Fri, 18th Jan.2019, 00.00h


Upcoming events and shows for 2018: 

– Taxi Kabir @Supercopy Festival Mannheim, Germany, Sa, 12th May, 01.00 h
– Taxi Kabir @Vertigo, Casablanca Maroc, Sa. 07th July, 22.00h
– Taxi Kabir@Timitar Festival, Agadir, Morocco: 04th July, 19.00h

Upcoming events and shows for 2017:

February 2017:

Taxi Kabir @Festival Travelling, Rennes, France; Fri.10th Feb-Sat.11th Feb., 00.00 h

May 2017: 

Taxi Kabir @International Sampling Festival; Mannheim, Germany, Sa, 14th May, 22.00h

July 2017:

Taxi Kabir Live: Casablanca, Morrocco, Vértigo, Sa, 15th July, 20.00h

Taxi Kabir Workshop Rabat, Morrocco, place to be announced   Son, 16th July,  Workshop including Ableton and Reaktor, 14.00h – 18.00 h

November 2017:

Taxi Kabir@Visa for Music, Rabat, Morroco, : 22-25th November