On this page there is some information about the different types of work and projects by Abdou Ezzari (Taxi Kabir)


1. compositions and music production for Live Performances and Audiovisual Arts Projects 

Abdou Ezzari (Taxi Kabir) is a musician , composer and expert of Music Creation Software and collaborates with musicians, film directors and visual artists.

Oct 2016- May 2017: Morocco / Rabat:  Project GO NORTH 2017 Compositions and Live Performance together with DJ Guedra Guedra

Dec 2017: Music production and artistic collaboration:  project „News from The Past“ with Visual Artist Nassim Azarzar and M. Abdellah Hassak

2. Workshops for the Music Production and Live- Software Ableton and Reaktor  

Abdou Ezzari offers workshops to show how modern technology of sound design as well as Music Production Softare (Ableton Live, VST, Reaktor…) can be used to compose or edit elements to integrate Live-Instruments and voices into the compositions.

  • booking and requests see page „contact“


2. productions for films / videos / advertisements

Abdou Ezzari collaborates with film editors / producers and produces

music for different requests of audiovisual collaboration.


music production for COP 22 Marrakech, Marokko, Nov. 2016