TAXI KABIR is Abdou Ezzari’s latest project and the name he performed with as DJ or doing live-performances, where he explores the rich musical traditions of his NorthAfrican origins and puts them in a contemporary context by composing his own electronic sound creations, also referring to the roots of European EBM and Techno-music, enriched by trance beats and samples of tribal chants of Africa.

The EP TAXI KABIR 100 Passengers was released in Oct 2017 and he toured with the project in Morocco in Nov. and Dec. 2017 where he was also elected to perform at VISA FOR MUSIC, an international music and arts fair and exhibition. In 2018 and 2019, he performed and shared his own productions in a variety of different countries in Europe an Africa, connecting artists and music lovers from allover.
During the Pandemic, TAXI KABIR produced various new tracks and made up new ideas for modular sound creations to include in his work. Unfortunately, that period was a hard time for all musicians and artists.

This year (2023) he joined the Italian Art and Music collective Endovena, Milano and took part in two extraordinary events in Tanger, Morocco, where outstanding artists of electronic music, art performers and musicians gathered together in a magical place in the Dunes of Asilah, in the middle of Nature. The year finished with an event by Mekine U Teksi, where artists that met at Endovena Tanger continued creating, playing and celebrating moments of deep resonance and energy.